Convenient and Intuitive!

UKUI 3.0

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  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use

    A simple and intuitive interface adapted to the habit of users.
    Two-column design makes the content of menu apear clearer.
    Unified icon form and color scheme shape an artistic interface style.
    Files category speed up file searching.
    Favorite apps shortcut makes starting up application more convenient.
    User management makes a more concise and friendly interaction for system.

  • Powerful and Concise

    File manager contains all operations for files, such as swicthing directories,quick searching, previewing directory, etc.
    Frequently used operations are placed in most easily accessed position.

  • Convenient and Stable

    One touch operation like quick launch bar and Fast desktop display simplified operations for users.
    All applications support merging the same task into one window which can be switched/sticked or closed by users.
    Right button information contains previous-opened files of applications, garantees quick switch of file.

  • Practical and User-friendly

    Shows function menu in category form. Frequently used functions are classified in every category according to user habit.
    Supports multiple way to search functions.

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