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GOOD NEWS!! UKUI comes to Debian officially

In 1st November, a brand new desktop called UKUI developed by Ubuntu Kylin Team comes to Debian official library, after went into Ubuntu warehouse. It becomes the first desktop environment that mainly developed by Chinese team as well as comes to the two major international mainstream community. A whole new desktop environment is provided to Debian/Ubuntu users from the entire world.

Now, Debian users can experience this new desktop by:
sudo apt-get install ukui-session-manager ukui-menu ukui-inidcators ukui-control-center ukui-screensaver ukui-themes peony // software source should be modified to unstable
Then typing:
$ gsettings set org.mate.interface gtk-theme 'ukui-theme'
$ gsettings set org.mate.interface icon-theme 'ukui-icon-theme'

Or trying Ubuntu Kylin operating system that using UKUI desktop environment by default:

UpdateTime:Feb 15, 2017
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